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Vice President of JCF Bridge & Concrete Achieves P.E. License in State of Texas

AUSTIN, TX (June 15, 2007)

JCF BRIDGE & CONCRETE, INC. announces that Patrick Henney, Vice President, achieves his Professional Engineer (P.E.) license from the State of Texas.

JCF’s President, Jason Falk, said “Earning a Professional Engineer (PE) license is a milestone accomplishment in Mr. Henney’s career, and JCF congratulates Mr. Henney.  His licensure is a sign of his dedication to integrity, hard work, and professionalism commensurate with the standards of JCF BRIDGE & CONCRETE as a company committed to delivering the same to our customers.”

Professional engineering licenses and the practice of engineering in Texas are regulated by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers whose mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people in Texas by ensuring that the practice of engineering in the state is carried out only by those persons who are proven to be qualified and by regulating the practice of Professional Engineering in Texas.  To be eligible for a professional engineering license, engineers must have achieved certain professional milestones. They must have earned an engineering education, performed certain levels of engineering work experience, and passed specific examinations.

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